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  • Clove Cigarettes Kretek offers several payment methods:
    The link of payment will sent to your email after you finished the order we accept Crytp Currency as the payment.
  • Clove Cigarettes Kretek Duty Notice
    Clove Cigarettes Kretek accept orders strictly from individual buyers and for personal use only. It is unlawful to resell these cigarettes in your country. Buying cigarettes through international mail for personal consumption is completely legal. We do not responsible for paying duty taxes applied by your local government customs. We recommend you find out your own government's guidelines about buying cigarettes. USA and CANADIAN Customers IMPORTANT : We still can exporting clove cigarettes to United States. There is no maximum limitation order, usually there is no duty taxes charged. You may buy 1, 3, 5 or more cartons as long the cigarettes used for personal consumption only. UNITED KINGDOM Customers We recommend to use RLN Pos Indonesia service. ( Temporary down by Covid 19 ) We didn't guarantee that the order will pass the Customs Clearance on England without paying tax. You will always pay the extra tax if you buy Cigarettes from Online. So we suggest you to buy more than 1 carton per order, for cheaper shipping cost. European Union Countries We suggest you to order only 1 carton per order if you wanted to avoid duty taxes charged by Customs. Usually you will not likely to be taxed if the quantity falls within the internationally acceptance limit of 10 packs (200 cigarettes) and for personal consumption. However, we cannot guarantee that no duties will be placed since it depends on local legislation's and enforcement's of legislation's which is vary from place to place. If you place a larger than 10 packs or 200 cigarettes order, you will always have to pay duty taxes by your own. Exception: UK and Germany customs accept limit of 50 cigarettes only, so you will always have to pay duty taxes to your government. If you feel duty taxes in your country does not cost you so much, you may consider to place larger quantity order to get cheaper price benefits.
  • What is the currency used for your product pricing at Clove Cigarettes Kretek?
    All prices quoted at our store are in American (US $) Dollars. All prices are for one (1) Carton/ one (1) Slof. Each carton / slof usually contains ten (10) packs of cigarettes.
  • How many cigarettes are in 1 carton / 1 slof?
    Each carton / slof of cigarettes usually contains ten (10) packs of cigarettes. One (1) pack contains 12, 16 or 20 cigarettes depending on the cigarette product -- (it is very variable). So there is a total of 120, 160 or 200 individual cigarettes in 1 Carton or 1 Slof.
  • What products does Clove Cigarettes Kretek sell and why should I order from your online site?
    We sell Indonesian Clove Cigarettes with great prices! All of our products are guaranteed to be hygienic, of the highest quality and produced by the original manufacturer. Since we receive all our products directly from the manufacturer, we always supply the best products at the lowest prices
  • Can I purchase from Clove Cigarettes Kretek and have my order shipped overseas?
    We ship to almost any place in the world! Our products are legal to ship within the conditions of the international postal regulations and standards.
  • How much do you charge for cigarettes shipping?
    We charge a wieght-rate cigarettes shipping cost determined by country and by order. This means that every shipping charge is based only on the 'ship to' Country, not by quantities. It is wieght-rate by Country -- the same shipping cost whether you buy 1 or 10 cartons (or any amount in between.)
  • How many cartons can I order at one time?
    We do not have an order limit for our customers. You can order as many cartons as you want but, for countries with strict laws about imported cigarettes, we recommended that you select no more than 1 cartons per single order.
  • Are imported clove cigarettes and other products always subject to 'duty taxes'?
    No -- In most countries, duty tax is not charged for buying and importing up to 200 clove cigarettes at a time. For the other products, please check with your local post office for more detailed information on quota.
  • Can you guarantee that I will not be subject to a 'duty tax'?
    Clove Cigarettes Kretek CAN NOT GUARANTEE anything involving 'duty tax.' It is the customer's responsibility to check the postal rules and regulation standards of the country to which the order is being shipped. Please contact the Customs Office in your country before ordering. If the package returns because it was rejected by custom clearance, your package will expired.
  • How does Clove Cigarettes Kretek shipping work?
    We will ship your order immediately once our payment gateway has informed us that your payment has been processed. It may take 3-21 working days depending on the destination. Please remember -- there is often a delay as your package goes through customs/duty clearance.
  • By which mail couriers are the Clove Cigarettes Kretek orders shipped?
    We use DHL Express , Post Indonesia shipping ( not available during covid 19 ( for our products.Therefore, you may ship your order either to your address or to your local post office (depending on the services provided by your local post office.) If the parcel has arrived at your local post office, they will inform you without additional cost.
  • How long will it take to receive my products after my order is purchased?
    It depends on what Service you are using and your delivery location: With DHL/EMS it takes anywhere between: 7 - 15 Business Days to USA, Africa and Europe. 3 - 7 Business Days to Asia.
  • How can I track the shipment status of my order?
    Clove Cigarettes Kretek will send an email to you as soon as we dispatch your order. This will include a tracking number for EMS Pos Indonesia / DHL which allows you to monitor to the progress of your package shipment through the internet. RAMS (Registered Air Mail Service) does not have any tracking number.
  • What if my package arrives 'damaged'?
    Clove Cigarettes Kretek policy includes a 100% GUARANTEE for replacement at no charge to you if your package arrives with any damage to the contents! Any order of more than three (3) cartons is packaged in a custom-made box and sealed in a plastic shrink-wrap cover designed to protect your package during shipment.
  • Can I place orders on weekends?
    Yes -- we accept and process orders 7 days a week. After we receive confirmation of payment, most orders are shipped the next day (exception: orders with payment confirmed on Sunday will be shipped on Monday.)
  • Is the information I provide to Clove Cigarettes Kretek on your web site 'safe and secure'?
    Clove Cigarettes Kretek would like to assure our customers that we use the most advanced technology in internet security on our site. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secures data on TCP/IP networks (such as the internet) through encryption -- an authentication technology which encrypts all transactions and information.
  • USA : Do you ship to State ?
    Yes, We ship cigarettes to the United States! some area like Arizona is restricted because of their regulation. other in state is still available Note : we can not sent to Arizona.
    Firts you must apply permit from custom clearance base on your stay. Any Question please contact us for detail what you must to do.
  • European Union Countries
    Basicaly you must always pay the duty taxes of importing cigarettes. We suggest you to order not over from 1 cartons maximum in 1 order. Italy : Destined to a company must be transferred to a certified broker with additional costs and delays. C2C: Shipments to private cnees can be accepted up to 50 cigarettes or 10 cigars or 50 grams smoking tobacco, total invoice value max 45 euro. If the shp does not fulfill these requirements it will be to the Customs Authorities complete discretion to decide either to return or abandon. Intra EU: no shipments to private individuals.
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